Yoshio Okada's Genji Emaki scans

Note: These Genji prints used paper of relatively poor quality and have deteriorated quite markedly over time - both foxing and toning. Paper used in other sets of similar age published by Yuyudo (e.g. Keiichi Takasawa, Sentaro Iwata) have held up very well. A typical Yuyudo edition size was 450+10 HCs so it seems reasonable to assume similar in this instance. The set of 4 prints has sold at auction for between $503(Jan 8) and $678(Apr 17) in 2019 - approx $150 per print.

Paper cover 1 thumbnail
Paper cover 1
Cardboard cover 2 thumbnail
Cardboard cover 2
Cardboard cover 3 thumbnail
Cardboard cover 3
Cardboard cover 3 detail thumbnail
Cardboard cover 3 detail
Hotaru folder thumbnail
Hotaru folder
Hotaru (medium) thumbnail
Hotaru (medium)
Hotaru (large) thumbnail
Hotaru (large)
Akashi folder thumbnail
Akashi folder
Akashi (medium) thumbnail
Akashi (medium)
Akashi (large) thumbnail
Akashi (large)
Matsukaze folder thumbnail
Matsukaze folder
Matsukaze (medium) thumbnail
Matsukaze (medium)
Matsukaze (large) thumbnail
Matsukaze (large)
Wakana folder thumbnail
Wakana folder
Wakana (medium) thumbnail
Wakana (medium)
Wakana (large) thumbnail
Wakana (large)
Small pamphlet p1 thumbnail
Small pamphlet p1
Small pamphlet p2 thumbnail
Small pamphlet p2
Small pamphlet p3 thumbnail
Small pamphlet p3
Small pamphlet p4 thumbnail
Small pamphlet p4
Large pamphlet p1 thumbnail
Large pamphlet p1
Large pamphlet p2 thumbnail
Large pamphlet p2
Large pamphlet p3 thumbnail
Large pamphlet p3
Large pamphlet p4 thumbnail
Large pamphlet p4
Frame recto thumbnail
Frame recto
Frame verso thumbnail
Frame verso